My work

On a missing to build the product that make life easier for people. Here's a summary of my work so far.

Full Stack Developer Intern

Marduk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. | Jan 2024 - April 2024

🚀Collaborate with team members to build Express.js backend systems, leveraging MongoDB for efficient data storage and retrieval.

🚀Additionally, contribute to the development of React Native mobile applications, extending the reach of our products across multiple platforms.

🚀Develop and maintain React.js frontend for web applications, ensuring intuitive user experiences and responsive design

Software Development Engineer (SDE) Intern

Missingskill | June 2022 - Nov 2023

🚀Played a key role in the development of core features and third-party integrations on the platform.

🚀Handled code migration, enhanced platform security with OAuth2 and cryptography, improved system efficiency through database operations, and introduced code linting for heightened capabilities.

🚀Deployed a versatile mono-micro architecture, enabling swift transitions between monolithic and microservices based on traffic needs.

🚀Led the creation of a screenshot service for, elevating its functionality. Contributed to enhancing, improving functionality and user experience.


Fiverr | June 2019 - June 2022

🚀Delivered production-grade Flutter applications tailored to client specifications.

🚀Resolved bugs and implemented feature enhancements for existing applications.

🚀Developed full-stack MERN applications meeting diverse project requirements.

🚀Offered diverse scripting solutions and proficient web scraping services.

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